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Information for foreign users

How to subscribe

  1. Click on "Sign up now" link at the upper right corner of Rubricon Home page.
  2. Fill out the registration form (Required fields have a * sign.) and click "Continue".
  3. You will see the screen with your registration data. If everything is correct click "Everything is correct". From this moment you'll become a registered client of Rubricon.
  4. You will see your own and unique personal page on Rubricon and your personal account (which for a time being is empty). On the "Methods of payment" form select "Credit card". Then select Rubricon's services you'd like to subscribe to and click "Continue" to proceed.
  5. You will see the page with the amount of money you are going to transfer to Rubricon for the selected services. If everything is correct, click "Ready to Pay" to confirm your decision.
  6. You will be redirected to the WorldPay website. Follow the instructions in order to fulfill the payment procedure.
  7. After you fulfill the payment procedure on the WorldPay website, you will be brought back to your personal page on Rubricon.
    You will see that some balance appeared on your personal account.
    Now you will need to activate the services you are willing to use.
    To do that, select again the services, then click "Activate".

From this moment you will have the access to the service(s) you have paid for. If you want to access our services later just logon to the Rubricon home page (site's upper right corner) using your unique username and password.

Welcome to Rubricon and enjoy our online services!

You can start the process of registration and payment from Rubricon Home Page www.rubricon.com or right from this link — "Sign up now".

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